Natural Skin Cancer Treatment Protocol

Natural Skin Cancer Treatment Protocol

Natural Skin Cancer Treatment Protocol Skin cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer among men and women. More than 1 million cases are diagnosed each year, with more young people with skin cancer than ever. When you have some irregularity in the skin pulling attention to it, then you have two immediate options.

One, you can start abusing yourself, with Western oncology, which will start testing that can lead to cancer, even if there is no cancer already present. Biopsies and all the tests that use radiation are not perfectly safe. No doubt, their medications and treatments are dangerous and not highly effective, although in most cases skin cancer is easily treated with simple precedents.

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Your second option is to cut to the chase, which means assuming the worst and start that very day to treat yourself with a list of natural agents that are safe and effective in returning skin to your own healthy self that can begin to apply what you could just SA Lvar the day before or NE can even turn around and take some dangerous allopathic tests.

Although it is true that most skin cancers are detected and cured before they propagate it is better to do this first on their own with natural oncology methods, described below, that Western medicine that surgically removes tumors Small by extirpation with skin scraping and cauterization of electric current, frozen with liquid nitrogen, or killed with low-dose radiation.

Once you get involved with the medical system you start a slippery slope because none of your methods address the broad fundamental etiologies behind the cancer and its formation. The official medical facility coverage statement on skin cancer is that standard treatments for localized basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas are safe and effective and cause few side effects. Few side effects mean that there are hidden costs instead of powerful positive effects that come with the use of medicinals that address nutritional deficiencies (which cause cancer). These same medicinals, such as iodine, selenium, bicarbonate and magnesium, treat and help remove tumors while addressing the fundamental problems behind cancer.

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Before taking another step we need to understand that the main paradigm of Western medicine is to stay away from the dangerous sun. No doubt the sun is dangerous in any excess skin burning amounts but it is important to realize that there is not enough sun and therefore inadequate vitamin D, it can also cause cancer. Any understanding of skin cancer and its treatment has to incorporate the solar wisdom, not the unreliable propaganda of dermatologists that will turn you into a avoider of the sun pushing to vitamin D deficiency.

The more serious the skin cancer (the less well it feels) the deeper the protocol one should go. By translating this into straight common language, more fear you’re more than you’re going to have to do. If you have any fear that your cancer, if you have it, could spread more than one emergency situation you have in your hands. This means that you have to throw the kitchen sink into your body and skin using many powerful therapies whose overlapping medical firepower can give you back and your skin to health.

All that makes overexposing your skin to the sun needs to know that the CBD cream or ointment, which is medical marijuana without the often illegal THC, is the best medicine to treat sunburn and that makes sense because medical marijuana is one of the best I Dicamentos available to treat cancer, and topical, especially skin cancer. Taken in enough doses of medical marijuana is a natural alternative to chemotherapy. For the skin is one of the best medications to treat skin cancer as it actually kills cancer cells like iodine does.

A whole generation of women has grown educating in the critical importance of sun protection, but more people are being diagnosed with skin cancer than ever. 50 years ago, when I was young and before the arrival of modern sunscreens, all sun-baked without fear and we had no skin cancer rates coming off the charts. The official vision of skin cancer and its cause is perverted and obviously dead wrong.

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It is important to realize that many scientists believe that viruses, fungi, and bacteria are all different stages of the microbe’s life cycle and are directly involved in all forms of cancer, including skin and breast cancer. A significant number of cancer researchers have found evidence that supports the linkage of the cancer fungus so using bicarbonate and iodine, both antifungal treatment, is intelligent.

Non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common type of cancer between men and women. The most common types of skin cancer include:

  • Basal cell
  • Squamous cell
  • Melanoma

Other rare types of skin cancer include keratoacanthomas, Merkel cell carcinoma, skin lymphoma, Kaposi sarcoma, adnexal tumors of the skin, and sarcomas. These are all types of non-melanoma.

Natural allopathic Medicine has protocol recommendations for treatment of these cancers that put to work the most effective and natural substances against the growth and metastasis of cancer cells. The primary substances used in this protocol include:

  • Transdermal Magnesium therapy with ancient mineral oils, lotions and bath flakes.
  • Sodium bicarbonate used orally to increase the pH of the body. When used orally the PH should be elevated to 8 for one week to ten days, then a pause is taken and this round of treatment is resumed until the cancer is confirmed to be remedied.
  • Sodium bicarbonate used as a paste applied to cancerous lesions several times a day until it dries.
  • Iodine used orally and topical applied to the affected area several times a day, alternating with sodium bicarbonate applications. Dr. Tullio Simoncini declares, “Each skin tumor can be completely eliminated with 7% iodine tincture, brushed many times (10-20) once a day.

Dr. Simoncini explains:

“For Epithileomas, Basaliomas and melanomas, the treatment to choose is iodine solution in seven% as it is capable of precipitating the proteins of the fungus body and destroying them completely in a short period of time. If the lesions are quite small, they should be painted with the solution 10-20-30 times a day for five days and then once for another ten days to become very dark. When the face is formed and is higher than the epidermal plane, it is necessary to continue painting under and above it, even if a strong pain is detected at first. “

“When the crust is formed, do not remove it, but treat the area continuously and wait until it falls without any other intervention except the tincture of iodine. When the crust falls for the third time, the patient is cured “. When a crust is formed over the affected area, it is dropped naturally until no other injury is seen. (usually after three crusts form and fall off) This process may have to be repeated several times. “

Note: Iodine tinctures are not suitable for oral ingestion and should only be used transdermally. Many iodine products are marked “not for oral ingestion ” So please pay attention to this caution.

  • Cannabidiols-CBD, oil, creams, lotions or medical marijuana with THC where legally available. High-dose CBD oils are available at a discount for clients of Dr. Sircus’s online clinic.
  • Treatment with infrared therapy (with Biomats) provides thermotherapy that can be effective for all cancers for it raises the lower body temperature dramatically by increasing the ability of the immune system to clear the cancer body. According to Professor ABO Touru of the University of Nagata our immune functions are improved by 40% when we increase our body temperature by 1 degree. Better circulation carries metabolic waste products and supplies oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted cells, reduces pain and accelerates the healing process.
  • Selenium liquid. Even in low doses selenium drastically reduces our chances of dying from cancer. Taken in the safest way, high doses treat cancer and should be part of each cancer patient’s protocol. Very few doctors or people understand selenium and how useful it is. I recommend Selenium for the only book in the world in selenium.

Dr. Emanuel Revici’s greatest discovery was that if we want to deliver a nutrient to a diseased cell, we attach it to a fat. Unsaturated fats are the definitive and perfect vehicle for supplying nutrients to stressed cells. Revici used a special molecular form of selenium (bivalent-negative selenium) incorporated in a fatty acid molecule. In this form, it can administer up to 1 gram of selenium per day, which corresponds to 1 million micrograms per day, apparently without toxic side effects. In contrast, too much selenite (Selenium positive hexavalent) has toxic effects on animals, so the human intake of commercial selenite is limited to a dose of only 100 to 150 micrograms by mouth. Dr. Revici often administered his non-toxic form of selenium by injection, generally considered to be four times more powerful than the orally administered form.

The use of selenium revici in the treatment of cancer is above the general interest in this mineral for more than twenty years. Selenium is one of the main trace elements that are always deficient in cancer-prone populations. Research has shown that it is of value not only in the prevention of cancer, but also in the treatment of it. In this form, it administered up to 1 gram of selenium per day, which corresponds to 1 million micrograms per day, apparently without toxic side effects. In contrast, too much selenite (Selenium positive hexavalent) has toxic effects on animals, so the human intake of commercial selenite is limited to a dose of only 100 to 150 micrograms by mouth.

In 1954, Revici’s fundraising organization financed the purchase of Beth David Hospital in Manhattan. Renowned Trafalgar Hospital, this general care center employing more than 200 residents and visiting physicians allowed Revici, as head of oncology, to provide 24-hour care to critically ill patients.

  • Vitamin C and D in high dosages
  • The virility of cancer increases when the immune system is compromised by stress, loss of sleep, depression, inability to eat, and poor nutrition. There are many natural allopathic protocol treatments addressing stress, sleep loss and depression. Infrared therapy helps sleep, depression and stress as it naturally strengthens the immune system. Respiratory retraining is also instrumental here.
  • Anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy combines exercise with oxygen therapy to obtain overloaded results. (This book, available online in eBook format, is on printers in new York.)
  • PEMF Therapy: There is little doubt in the medical world that pulsed electromagnetic therapy is useful in the resolution of cancer. This is frequency medicine at its best without all the often inherent cost in this approach.
  • Glutathione suppositories. Glutathione performs crucial functions in the immune response, DNA repair and detoxification process that neutralizes treatment, chemicals, radiation, metabolic wastes, virus beats, bacteria and reduces Toxins and carcinogens that are more and more present in our environment.

Natural Skin Cancer Treatment Protocol

Skin cancer rates have been rising for 30 years, despite decades of sunscreen conferences. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in this country. Nearly 5 million Americans are treated for the disease each year, and the incidence rate is up to 300 percent of 1994. Indoor tanning is only linked to 419,000 cases of skin cancer a year in the U.S. Although melanoma represents only a small percentage of diagnoses, it can spread rapidly and be lethal, and is the most common form of cancer among young adults aged 25 to 29.