Natural Treatment Options for Skin Cancer

Natural Treatment Options for Skin Cancer

Natural Treatment Options for Skin Cancer Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men and women. More than 1 million cases are diagnosed every year, and more young people have skin cancer than ever before. When you have an irregularity on the skin by drawing attention to it, then you have two immediate choices. One, you can start abusing yourself, with Western oncology, which will start tests that can lead to cancer, even if there is no cancer already present. Biopsies and all the tests that use radiation are not perfectly safe. Admittedly, their medications and treatments are dangerous and not very effective, but in most cases, skin cancer is easily treated with simple precedents.

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Your second option is to cut to the chase, which means assume the worst and start the same day to treat yourself with a list of natural agents that are safe and effective in returning the skin to its former self-health, you can begin to apply this Q UI could just save the eve O can even turn around and take dangerous allopathic tests.

Although it is true that most skin cancers are detected and cured before they propagate it is best to do so first on your own with natural oncology methods, described below, that Western medicine that excels Surgically small tumors by removal with itchy skin and cauterization of electric current, frozen with liquid nitrogen, or killed with low dose radiation.

Once you get involved with the medical system you start a slippery slope because none of their methods address the great fundamental etiology behind cancer and its formation. The official statement of the medical institution on skin cancer is that the standard treatments for localized basal cells and squamous cell carcinomas are safe and effective and cause little side effects. Few side effects mean that there are hidden costs instead of powerful positive effects that come with the use of medications that deal with nutritional deficiencies (which cause cancer). These same medications, such as iodine, selenium, bicarbonate, and magnesium, treat and help to eliminate tumors as they tackle the fundamental problems behind cancer.

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Before we take another step, we need to understand that the main paradigm of Western medicine is to stay away from the dangerous sun. Undoubtedly the sun is dangerous in an excessive amount of skin burn, but it is important to realize that not enough sun and therefore inadequate vitamin D, can also cause cancer. Any understanding of skin cancer and its treatment should incorporate solar wisdom, not the unreliable propaganda of dermatologists that will turn you into a sun avoider pushing you into vitamin D deficiency.

The more serious the skin cancer (the less you feel well), the more thorough the protocol needs to be. Translating that into common language right, the more you are afraid, the more you are going to need to do. If you are afraid that your cancer if you have it, could spread the most of an emergency situation that you have on your hands. This means that you have to throw the kitchen sink to your body and skin using many powerful therapies which the overlapping firepower can make you and your skin to health.

Natural Treatment Options for Skin Cancer

All those who do over-expose their skin to the sun needs to know that the CBD cream or Salve, which is medical marijuana without the often illegal THC, is the best treatment to treat sunburn and that makes sense because medical marijuana is one of Best medications available to treat cancer, and in topical form especially skin cancer. Taking in sufficient amounts of medical marijuana is a natural alternative to chemotherapy. For skin, it is one of the best medications to treat skin cancer because it actually kills cancer cells as iodine does. Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an oncologist in Rome, uses iodine to treat skin cancer. Both can be applied topically. Both can be used almost around the clock to great effect. (See testimonial below)

An entire generation of women has grown educated on the crucial importance of sunscreen, but more people are diagnosed with skin cancer than ever before. 50 years ago, when I was young and before the advent of modern sunscreens, everyone cooked in the sun without fear and we did not have any rates of skin cancer that go out of the charts. The official view of skin cancer and its cause is perverted and manifestly dead wrong.