Skin Cancer Pictures Early Stages

Skin Cancer Pictures Early Stages

Skin Cancer Pictures Early Stages Catching skin cancer in its early form is vitally important, and pictures of skin cancer early stages are an invaluable resource for seeing what to look out for on one’s body. Pictures of how skin cancer starts can be found on many medical websites, and every man and woman has the personal responsibility to look at them and familiarize themselves, as this knowledge could one day save their life.

Skin Cancer Pictures Early Stages

Early detection of skin cancer is essential, as mortality rates increase significantly when skin cancer is not discovered until its later stages. The vast majority of skin cancer starts around the area of a mole on the body, and it is these that one should pay particular attention to. The main indicators of a healthy mole can be summed up simply by “ABCD”. This means that the mole should be asymmetrical (the same shape on both sides), that its border should be smooth and healthy, that the color should remain consistent and that the size should not increase.

Melanoma stages
Melanoma is categorized in the same way as other cancers and organized into “stages.” Stage 1 and 2 melanomas are considered the earliest and most treatable type and are categorized by working out how deep the melanoma has penetrated into the skin and surrounding tissue. These can usually be treated by surgery, where the cancerous mole is removed and tested to ensure it hasn’t spread to lymph nodes. Typically, this is the entire required treatment for early melanomas.

Early melanoma symptoms
Several signs indicate that you might have early skin cancer melanomas. With careful monitor of your skin, you will be able to notice them:

A mole that appears later in life (after the age of 30)
A mole that suddenly changes: growing bigger, starting to itch or ooze, spreads out or changes colour.
You can spot these signs by checking your skin at least monthly and by documenting and photographing any moles you already have to watch for small changes that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Skin Cancer Pictures Early Stages

These images give you an idea of the characteristics you may look for in your own moles, and represent moles that may not appear harmful on the first inspection, but do require investigation. These moles have mostly changed shape, size or colour and have therefore been considered unusual or suspicious.

This mole has the typical two or more colours and is asymmetrical. These signs indicate a mole is undergoing change beneath the surface of the skin.

In the picture above, you see a mole with very ragged edges and a deep dark colour. It is also larger than other moles. When a mole is a deeper shade, it can be much easier to spot.

If you have any moles you are worried about you should take photos and use these to document how it changes. You can then share these images with your doctor to help in diagnosis.

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