Skin Cancer Treatment Cream List

Skin Cancer Treatment Cream List

Skin Cancer Treatment Cream List Imiquimod Cream is a treatment that your immune system uses to attack skin cancer cells.

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How it works
Imiquimod cream uses natural defenses of your body to help kill skin cancer cells. It works by releasing a series of chemicals called cytokines. One of these cytokines is called interferon.

Interferon is a protein that the body produces as part of the immune response. Interferon is also used as a cancer treatment. Imiquimod is believed to cause cells to produce more interferon, destroying the skin cancer cells.

If you have it
Imiquimod cream is approved in the UK for the treatment of superficial basal cell cancers (BCCs) measuring up to 2cm. It can be used on the chest or back, neck, arms or legs (including hands and feet). It is not approved for any type of BCC retrievable nodular BCC.

To treat BCC, usually place once a day, 5 days a week for 6 weeks, imiquimod cream in the affected area. Your doctor or nurse will tell you how to do that.

Imiquimod is also used to treat some people who have actinic (solar) keratosis. This skin condition can develop into squamous cell home cancer, so it is usually treated.

The benefits
Surgery is successfully used to treat non-melanoma medical cancer. But it can lead to scarring.

The imiquimod treatment does not cause the same scarring, although there are still side effects.

You put the cream on at home, which means:

  • Avoid repeated hospital trips
  • No surgery

Side effects
Your skin, where it is treated, can:

  • Red and painful
  • Feel painful and burning
  • Become swollen
  • Developing a rash

Skin Cancer Treatment Cream List

More serious skin reactions can occur in a few people. These include:

  • A very sore, painful treatment area
  • Skin outbreak
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • High temperature (fever)
  • Generally malaise
  • Arable compounds